• Junen

    Mindfulness in Beauty


    A woman is beautiful not because of what she hides, but what she enhances; her own interpretation of beauty, and how she defines it.


    Junen is the Korean word for ‘give’. To ‘give’ is a quality of kindness, an act of goodwill that harnesses the power of beauty both inside and out. To ‘receive’ is to welcome transformation with mindfulness and care.

  • Empowering women with beauty & confidence

    A one-stop community which opens doors to a professional lifestyle in the beauty industry

    Basic Makeup


    Your first step to redefining beauty

    Through this 22-hour training programme, we power through industry practices on basic makeup and professional beauty consultation.

    Beauty Industry 101

    Become an industry maven!

    Master central concepts of inner and outer beauty through our makeup workshop. Graduate from Junen with holistic skill, knowledge and heart to make a change in the beauty industry!

    Junen Beauty Maven

    Keep the Junen community alive!

    Walk the talk, and continue 'giving' the Junen way

  • Our Junen Community

    A branded community for Junen members, influencers, local beauty brands and industry experts.

    Junen-hosted events are perfect for bringing everyone together to mingle, learn and have fun.
    Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Workshop Line-Up

    Basic Makeup Modules


    Pre-Treatment Activities

    Get familiar with cosmetic tools, personal hygiene and fundamentals of grooming - all you need to know to set up a professional makeup station.


    Client Consultation

    The "A to Z" guide on how to service clients according to their customised needs. Learn consultative methods related to purpose or occasion for makeup, as well as how to advise on hair and attire.


    Basic Makeup Applications

    Understand colours and shades of makeup as well as how they go with unique skin tones and facial shapes. Pick up hands-on techniques of standard cosmetic products such as foundation, concealer, eye shadow, blusher and lipstick.



    Be equipped with the conversational know-how on obtaining feedback as well as aftercare techniques in maintaining optimum makeup look and removing facial shine.

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