• The Career Exploration Programme

    From career guidance to exploring career destinations and engaging in weekly interview opportunities,

    CEP is a SkillsFuture accredited course that is designed for mature job seekers, retirees, mid-career switchers and youths to prepare and connect them to non-office, part time and full time job opportunities.


    8 days of learning

    An essential workshop series to kick off your journey through career guidance, interactive courses and training of job preparation skills.

    Weekly visits to work spaces

    A holistic access to reputable companies for first-hand introduction, experience and... interview opportunities!

  • What are our Industry Pathways?

    Discover your passion through industry exploration


    The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries with a range of roles from servers and chefs to housekeepers and concierges. Learners who are interested in the hospitality pathway can also choose to enrol in a hospitality programme with SIH to upgrade themselves


    The healthcare industry provides a wide range of healthcare and social services. Learners who are interested in the healthcare industry will be part of the delivery of healthcare services to the general public, from primary care to secondary and tertiary levels of care.

    Early Childhood

    A natural love for children, an aptitude to build good social skills and values, and a feeling that being a part of a child’s education and growth is exciting. If you check off these criteria, join the Early Childhood & Education Industry and play a crucial role as an early childhood educator.


    Have you always been passionate about serving people food and drinks with excellence and style? Join the F&B Industry as a server, cook, kitchen assistant or manager and expect to embark on a rich and full career.


    Retail is not just a customer service job, it is an industry that allows you to pick any passion and pursue it for an exciting career path with endless career advancement opportunities. If you’re seeking to gain success in a field that rewards ambitious hard workers – retail is for you.


    With the year-on-year growth of online retail sales showing no signs of slowing down - and an increasing number of customers demanding rapid delivery of their purchases - join the logistics and supply chain industry and try out a variety of roles to expand your horizon.


    With increased concern over safety and security, security officers have a key role to play in Singapore. However, all security officers need to be licensed under the Private Security Act. Learners who intend to be a security officer has to apply and obtain a security officer licence from the Singapore Police Force.


    Unlike stuffy office jobs where you’d be stuck behind a desk, and jostle with a sea of commuters twice a day, working in the cleaning industry brings lots of opportunities and benefits, such as a sense of satisfaction, learning new skills and more!

  • Skills Training

    4 modules across an 8 days course to prepare you for the best part of CEP


    Personal Presentation & Employability

    Understand how to conduct self-assessment of competencies, determine goals and develop a career plan through guidance, search, application and interview skills.


    Communicate &

    Learn effective communication techniques that will help you to respond to workplace situation, culture and conflict resolution.


    Work in
    a Team

    Focused on team work, this module covers applications of open communication and issue resolution to achieve individual and team goals.


    Solve Problem &
    Make Decisions

    Acquire techniques necessary to help in problem solving and decision making through proactive behavior and evaluative skills.


    You're on your way!

  • The best part of CEP?
    Career Exploration Journeys

    After completion of skills training, you will be entitled to a weekly series of company visits across various industries. Designed for non office professionals or retirees looking for the next part time or full time job, these journeys showcase work practices, culture and environment that may fit your interests. At the end of every journey, you may choose to engage in interviews. If not, you can either skip the interview or participate anyway to put what you've learnt to practice!


    Check out some of our journeys in the videos below:

    ISS Singapore

    ISS is a leading global provider of facility services, offering services on an international scale with leveraged knowledge and experience. In Singapore, the secret to their success lies in how solutions are tailored to client needs, how they manage risk, and how their engaged team add the power of the human touch in everything they do.

    Recruiting Jobs:
    General Cleaner

    Park Hotel

    With over 16 properties located across 11 cities within the Asia Pacific, Park Hotel Group believes that hospitality is all about the human connection. They seek to extend their service philosophy of providing ‘Loving Hospitality’ to all our guests, partners and associates.


    Recruiting Jobs

    Food Servers
    Room Attendants


    A premium smart vending machines manufacturer and operator, Fruits Vending Pte Ltd specialises in providing freshly squeezed orange juice vending services with consistent, excellent quality at competitive prices. Their vending machines have expanded across the island, contributing to a better world of wellness.


    Recruiting Jobs

    Production Washer

  • What our Learners have to say...

    "I was offered a position with ISS in SGH with necessary training provided. This is unlike previous (non office) jobs that I had. What I gained from CEP made me really happy!"

    Wan Lai Wah

    "I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for guiding me from being a "back-end desk borne boring office staff" into a more confident, self appreciating person who is able to communicate effectively and interact with strangers with confidence... I am now employed as a Library Shelving Assistant with NLB.."

    Elinor Teng

    "I'm very thankful for the opportunities provided through this programme. I was able to learn a lot and having a job helps to keep my mind and body active."

    Chan Seng Kong

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