• Take on the Future with Confidence

    The need to adapt and stay relevant goes hand in hand with personal efficiency. Future Ready Life provides a learning and community platform to encourage smarter living and to enable opportunities for the future.

    Save time by settling your errands online

    How to pay bills online, make online purchases & more

    Go cashless!

    A safe and convenient way to pay for nearly everything these days

    Arrive at destinations the smart way

    No more troubles flagging down a taxi!

    Discover more & communicate with ease online

    How to access and learn information that matters to you, and stay connected with emails & messengers

  • 7-Day Programme | 9am to 6.30pm

    A WSQ course that teaches you how to:

    Perform Essential
    Online Functions
    (2 Days)

    Start your online presence

    Learn how to use your smartphone to go online. Navigate with search engines
    and set up your Google account to begin engaging online.

    Perform Online
    (3 Days)

    Integrate your interests online

    Learn the full suite of Google, including Maps, Calendars, Drives and Email. Communicate effectively with WhatsApp, and explore apps to download that help to ease your errands.

    ICDL® Use Essential Features of a Computer
    (2 Days)

    Get to know computers

    Explore how to navigate computers and how to download and access files. Learn about transferring of data between devices and how to back up phones using the computer.

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