• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the duration of the Work Trial?

    The Work Trial duration is from 16 hours up to 480 hours, i.e. 3 months

    Can employers vary the Work Trial duration?

    Yes, employers have the flexibility to customise the Work Trial duration between 16 hours and 480 hours specific to the job vacancy.

    Can employers offer more than one Work Trial position to multiple job seekers concurrently?

    Yes, employers who are registered under the Work Trial can accept and offer Work Trial to multiple job seekers.

    Is it up to $7.5 or $7.5 per hour for the one-month period during Work-trial?

    It is a fixed rate of $7.5 per hour.

    How do they keep track of the payment? Will there be an official contract that the company must give the participant? What is the process like?

    The individual (employee) will have to download a form from the WSG website and send it to them because the payment for the one-month period will be directly from WSG. The company doesn’t pay anything and is not involved in it. (www.wsg.gov.sg/worktrial_individuals)

    The participant will receive $500 after working 3 months’ full time. Does that 3 months of working include the 1-month work trial?

    No, it does not because the 3 months only begin after the employer offers the employee a full time job.

    What if the company doesn’t pay the full amount as promised in the work trial sheet?

    WSG has nothing to do with it as WSG only covers work trial. Any future correspondences should be referred to MOM.

    How will the participants get the $500 incentive after work trial?

    They will have to download a form from the WSG website and submit it to WSG.

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