• Perform Spreadsheet Functions

    A Future Ready Employability course

  • Jobs Requiring Excel Skills

    Apply Excel skills across new career options


    Administrative Assistant

    Organise day-to-day operations in the office, such as providing clerical support and updating customer and inventory records.



    Maintain files so they remain updated and easily accessible. The role also commonly involves phone and email communications.


    Data Entry Officer

    Compile and sort data from paper to digital formats. Accuracy and speed is valued in this role.


    Project Manager

    Plan, execute and monitor projects in areas related to budget, brief objectives, manpower and overall efficiency.


    Store Manager

    Run a store by managing manpower, inventory, training, customer service and liaising with headquarters.


    Sales Officer

    Examine sales performance, develop solutions to increase results, as well as identify sales opportunities across potential channels.

  • Why Learn Excel?

    Work in administrative and office support to help deliver reports, ideas and analysis.

    1. Increase Job Prospects

    Add this skill to your resume

    Most office jobs today require spreadsheet skills. It helps businesses to save time, stay organised and solve problems.

    2. Compare & Organise Data

    Make better decisions

    Use excel as a sketchpad for analysis. Position data side by side, or organise them in a way that allows you to see the full picture.

    3. Perform

    Throw out that calculator

    Perform complex calculations while minimising human errors. Apply shortcuts so that you can use a single formula across different number sets.

    4. Present Ideas & Forecasts

    Visualise your data

    Go a step further by transforming your data into charts and diagrams. Such graphics can help employees to explain trends, propose solutions and forecast results.

  • Excel Essentials For Beginners

    This 3-day WSQ course covers all you need to know to become a functional user of Excel.

    Basic Navigation

    How to create, duplicate, delete and modify spreadsheets - All you need to know about Excel's interface.

    Cells & Worksheets

    Use cells to contain numbers, words and other types of data. Create worksheets for common office tasks.

    Formulas and Functions

    Insert formulas that work best for you, and uncover functions that help you to calculate data quickly.


    Make your data and tables neater with formatting options like symbols, font sizes, highlights and colours.

    Chart Displays

    Create charts from spreadsheet data. Learn how to make column, bar, line and pie charts.

    Preparing Outputs

    Adjust margins, orientation and content to optimise the layout of printed spreadsheets.

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